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Quaser UX500.png

The high performance MF series multiple face / 5-axis vertical machining centers are for small to medium complex high-quality parts for aerospace, automotive, medical, mold and die applications. From roughing to finishing, the MF series reduces setup time and overall production, while improving machining accuracy, quality and precision.

The rotary table is designed to reduce coefficient of friction and strengthen the torque transmission capability of the drive motor. The symmetrical structure of slide mechanism and rotary pallet allows for higher rigidity. The MF series is designed for easy operation, even for beginners who have no experience of multiple face/5 axis machining.

This single unit machine features high rigidity, accuracy, and efficiency and offers a high ease of operation with a relatively compact footprint. 
The Symmetrical design ensures the rigidity of the machine tool, which results in better damping performance and lower thermal displacement.
The modular design allows for expandable multi-pallet configurations.

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